Embossing of Gel Foam

With a gel foam backing on the carpet, it is possible to make different kinds of embossed patterns, orientation arrows, logos etc.

Different types of embossing calenders

CAMPEN’s product range includes various types of embossing calenders to meet the specific requirements of our customers:

  • A single-roller calender without drive, which is the most simple and thus less expensive version
  • A version with drive and turret head, with the possibility of up to four different embossed patterns and in different widths, which is the most complex and thus expensive solution

Embossing rollers

CAMPEN offers a wide range of embossing rollers with different embossed patterns for calenders with and without drive motors.

All rollers are manufactured with a view to long-term durability, a high degree of flexibility as regards customer requirements for different widths etc.

Chain protection systems

To avoid a collision between the embossing rollers and the stenter during operation, CAMPEN is offering a ”chain protection system”.

The system consists of detectors for all movable components, a measuring of the current chain width and a logic system to prevent damage when the different parts move.

Dosing of gelling agent

A CAMPEN fully automatic mixer with built-in dosing station for gelling agent offers the best possible assurance of producing with a high degree of operational reliability with quality products as a result.

As an integrated part of the control system of the mixer, the foam viscosity is monitored, and an alarm is activated if the chemical reaction is out of control after all.

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