Off-line slitter / rewinder

CAMPEN off-line slitter / rewinders are specifically designed for rewinding and slitting of different types of nonwovens, sensitive materials and technical textiles.

We can offer many types of rewinders, with or without slitting, for almost any kind of web-based material.

Our product program includes a range of machines covering different needs, such as:

  • Big roll to small roll, with or without inspection
  • Big roll to big roll, with or without inspection
  • Length slitting and edge trimming
  • Single or double unwinder, with different kinds of splicing methods
  • Edge trim handling with spooling or suction system
  • Manual or automatic finished roll handling
  • Manual or automatic roll start-up with different kinds of start-up principles
  • Automatic tube feeding systems
  • Automatic roll doffing and cross cutting
  • Integration with a CAMPEN packaging solution

Length measuring of technical textiles

CAMPEN uses different systems for length measuring. One of them is the ELOVIS µSPEED system for non-contact length measuring in machines for material which is difficult to measure or for certified and calibrated length measuring according to MID 2014/32/EU standard. Click here to read more about the ELOVIS µSPEED system. 

In-depth understanding of your product and production

Our experienced engineers and technicians have an in-depth understanding of the different production processes and possible technical set-ups. We know the different product types and how to adapt our equipment to them. Depending on  roll dimensions, type of material and with or without slitting, we can therefore offer many different solutions for almost any kind of rewinding task required.


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