Backing lines on more levels with utilization of tall floor-to-ceiling height

Inlet and outlet sections on floor level – dryer / dryers on a platform

If the floor-to-ceiling height is 10 meters or more, the space below the dryer / dryers can best be used for the inlet and outlet sections. This solution may offer some logistic advantages as handling of mother rolls and finished rolls takes place within a very short distance.

Integration into existing buildings

Thanks to CAMPEN’s vast experience, it could be possible to integrate a platform into an existing building, possibly with considerable financial benefits as a result.

CAMPEN’s modular built dryers

CAMPEN’s modular built dryers require no kind of cast foundations. Consequently, they are installed on a platform in the same way as on floor level.

Subsequently, an insulated floor can easily be placed in the dryers.

During the installation on site, the individual modules can be assembled in an area made for the specific purpose, and subsequently the assembled drying sections (which are all wheel-mounted) can easily be pushed into their final positions.

  • With more levels the existing buildings with tall floor-to-ceiling height, but limited length, can be used efficiently.
  • Desirable floor-to-ceiling height: 10 meters or more.

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