Buffer in inlet section before sewing in

U-box as a buffer

In spite of the fact that a CAMPEN U-box takes up relatively limited space, it has a large capacity of approx. 300 meter carpet.

The U-box is also available in a ”mega version” with additional 100 meters’ contents, or it can be supplied as a double U-box with 600 meters’ contents.

Roller accumulator as a buffer

If the production includes needle felt or other delicate carpet qualities that cannot stand being plaited, CAMPEN offers a roller accumulator. The contents of the accumulator is 60 meter carpet, which can be increased to 120 or 180 meteres by doubling or tripling.

Buffers in multipurpose lines

If a line is to operate with both carpet types mentioned above, CAMPEN is also capable of constructing an inlet combination that includes both a u-box and an accumulator.

  • Furthermore, the U-box can be equipped with a load cell roller and detection of the position for ”almost full” so that the capacity of the unwinding cradle can be utilized in full and the operator is ensured a higher degree of flexibility.
  • The U-box can be supplied including a plaiting device or a center section that reduces the width of the plaits and thus the weight of the individual layers.
  • CAMPEN’s accumulators are equipped with load cells in the dancing roller supports and automatic loading / unloading controlled by a servo motor.

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