Double Backing

A back coating often consists of a lamination with a secondary backing. The secondary backing material may vary for different purposes, and therefore the demands on the laminating equipment vary as well.

Action back

It might be quite challenging to obtain a ”clean back” as the product is very open. Consequently, there is a risk that the adhesive penetrates the material and ends on the back. CAMPEN’s equipment ensures a ”clean back”.

Jute backing

To a lesser extent you experience similar challenges with jute backing as with Action Back.

Nonwoven backing

When backing with nonwoven, the CAMPEN equipment ensures that the adhesive stays between the two products being laminated so that the carpet retains its comfortable feel.

Thanks to the automatic CAMPEN solutions in connection with the laminating process, uniformity and continuously good adherence are ensured. At the same time, latex consumption is minimized.

During the configuration phase, the various automatic solutions can always be selected / deselected dependent on the specific investment needs.

– Correct feed of secondary backing.
– Automatically controlled laminating pressure.
– Automatically controlled material tension in the laminating point.

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