Winding and packaging of carpet and artificial grass

In-line carpet winders and packaging machines must be configured correctly before being integrated into backing lines so that the work process can take place in the most ideal way.

Capacity – cycle time

It is essential to choose the right solution / degree of automation to ensure that the winding and packaging section does not become a limiting factor for the backing line.

Roll quality

Often, the product variety is the greatest challenge. Therefore, it is important to know the product range when winder and possible options are to be chosen.

Carpet packaging: quality and costs

Packaging of carpet rolls can be performed in different ways, and CAMPEN offers various solutions that each meets the customers’ requirements for quality, costs, efficiency etc.

  • Automatic or manual roll start
  • Automatic or manual cross cutting
  • Surface winding
  • A combination of surface and center winding
  • Packaging through manual plastic film wrapping or automatic feed of the carpet roll into the plastic film curtain
  • Separation of width slit carpet rolls prior to packaging
  • End sealing, possibly including the possibility of roll handling through lifting of the winding core
  • Plastic film in full or variable width up to 7.5 m


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