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    Airlaid Technology from CAMPEN: Flexible, Efficient and Sustainable Production Solutions

    Uncover the potential of airlaid technology, whether you are new to this sector or looking to expand your knowledge.

    Airlaid technology is used to produce a highly absorbent, soft and flexible nonwoven material, which is used in a variety of industries ranging from hygiene products to automotive interiors.

    What is airlaid?

    Airlaid is a nonwoven fabric made by dispersing fibers in an air stream and condensing them onto a moving belt through air pressure. Unlike traditional woven or knitted fabrics that interlace yarns, airlaid materials offer a web-like structure. This allows for a high level of absorbency and tensile strength, making it ideal for products like baby diapers, feminine hygiene products, cleaning wipes and even certain types of insulation and filtration applications.

    With CAMPEN’s ground-breaking airlaid technology, expertise and knowledge of the airlaid process, we offer our customers technical solutions for traditional airlaid materials, but also a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic and cardboard packaging products for the food industry.

    CAMPEN offers high-quality machinery and expert knowledge within airlaid production

    With CAMPENs airlaid technology you can produce a wide range of high-quality airlaid products.

    With CAMPEN’s airlaid machinery you can produce traditional airlaid products as well as dry molded airlaid products and packaging – both through a more energy-efficient process as well as through the use of natural and biodegradable raw materials

    Why choose airlaid?

    • High absorbency: airlaid materials can absorb multiple times their own weight.
    • Soft and flexible: airlaid fabrics are incredibly soft and can easily adapt to various shapes and forms.
    • Sustainable: the process can incorporate recycled or natural fibers, offering eco-friendly options. In contrast to the water-intensive processes used in traditional paper and cardboard production, the airlaid process relies primarily on air. This significantly reduces energy and excessive water consumption in the production process. Furthermore, since the airlaid technology is crafted from natural wood fibers, the material is 100% compostable and biodegradable.
    • Customizable: additives like superabsorbent polymers, fragrances or antibacterial substances can be easily integrated into the airlaid material during production.

    Are you considering producing airlaid in-house?

    Explore our customer case study to learn how Magic Srl transitioned to in-house airlaid production, achieving control over their processes, enhancing sustainability and quality and maintaining competitive prices for their customers.

    Key ingredients in airlaid production

    1. Fibers: pulp, synthetic fibers or a mix are the main ingredients.
    2. Bonding agents: latex or other thermoplastic materials are used to bond the fibers.
    3. Additives: superabsorbent polymers, antibacterial agents etc., depending on the end use.
    4. Natural fibers: our R&D team has successfully conducted prototypes using natural fibers such as straw or seaweed into the airlaid web, which makes for sustainable end products using natural fibers.
    5. Waste fibers: moreover, our R&D team has successfully conducted prototypes with waste fibers from production, such as cardboard and paper scraps. Consequently, the airlaid technology can also be used for upcycled products.

    Application of airlaid material


    Our airlaid technology provides a versatile solution for packaging materials and fiber-based food applications, offering exceptional protection and barrier properties as well as high-quality, sustainable and compostable solutions.

    • Food packaging
    • Absorbent pads for food packaging
    • Protective packaging for fragile items
    • Insulation in thermal packaging

    Hygiene and personal care

    CAMPEN’s airlaid lines deliver exceptional performance and superior softness for hygiene and personal care products, ensuring comfort and reliability.

    • Feminine hygiene products
    • Adult incontinence products
    • Diapers
    • Wet wipes, facial tissues and personal care wipes

    Medical applications

    With our advanced airlaid technology, we provide a reliable platform for manufacturing medical products that meet the stringent quality and safety standards of the healthcare industry.

    • Wound dressings and bandages
    • Surgical drapes and gowns
    • Underpads and bedding products
    • Disposable face masks

    Airlaid process combinations

    We specialize in integrating the airlaid process with other drylaid forming technologies, enabling customized solutions to meet unique manufacturing requirements.

    Embark on a more efficient and sustainable future

    At CAMPEN, we go beyond providing machinery and production lines. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding and consulting our customers on business development, helping them achieve more efficient and cost-friendly production processes. We understand the growing demand for sustainable products and work closely with our clients to develop solutions that align with their sustainability goals, whether through upcycling, use of waste fibers or use of natural fibers like hemp or straw.

    Join us on this journey of innovation and discover how our airlaid technology can revolutionize your production, enhance product quality and drive your business forward in an ever-evolving market.

    >> Learn how we have helped others towards meeting their airlaid production targets

    Airlaid test center

    Test before you invest!

    CAMPEN customers can test their innovative ideas and products with the groundbreaking forming technology at CAMPEN’s new pilot testing facility in Denmark. In addition to access to state-of-the-art defibration and forming technology, customers receive support and advice from CAMPEN’s airlaid specialist, who ensures that their inventive ideas become reality!

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