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    In backing lines, where a stable, continuous process is required, different ways of buffering are necessary each time a part of the line is to be stopped. Consequently, accumulators are necessary.

    Roller accumulators

    A roller accumulator will increase the carpet tension for each roller that is passed. Therefore, it is essential that the size of the accumulator as well as the control system are adapted to the product range with which the respective line is to operate.

    Accumulators in connection with shearing machines, overedging or inspection area

    To ensure that the operators always work under optimum conditions, all accumulators are synchronized with the respective units installed prior to or after the same. In this way the highest degree of buffer capacity is available.

    • CAMPEN guarantees that all carpet qualities can be transported safely without creases or tension problems
    • All accumulators operate high-dynamically allowing the winder to reach very high speeds even with short roll lengths. This ensures a high capacity
    • Automatic control of loading/unloading with feedback signal of the carpet tension by means of load cells
    • Automatic readout of the current contents in all accumulators on the respective displays in the line, where relevant
    • Automatic slowdown and synchronization of winder, inspection area, shearing machines, overedging machines or the like


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