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    Backing Line with One Dryer / Stenter

    When a backing line with one dryer / stenter is the right choice.

    CAMPEN’s ”wet on wet” system

    If one dryer / stenter is the right choice, CAMPEN has developed combinations with PRESSNIP pre-coating unit, reverse roller applicator and foam table within the same area. With these solutions all methods of application are located close to one another, and thus the supervision of the production will be more simple and safe.

    Saving of energy

    When only one dryer is installed, the carpet is only heated once. Consequently, the energy loss that arises between more dryers is avoided.

    CAMPEN’s backing lines include the latest technologies

    Many functions are automated to ensure high quality and output as well as uniformity. Our use of technology includes servo drives, load cells, computer systems etc. to control all processes.

    • Such a CAMPEN line is – in proportion to size and costs – an efficient line for the intended product
    • When configurating a CAMPEN line, all possible extensions for any future products are considered carefully
    • Suitable for:
      • double backing
      • pre-coating
      • artificial grass
      • carpet tiles

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