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    Pile Turning

    Pile turning from roll to plait or from roll to roll.

    CAMPEN offers two different principles of pile turning:

    The pile is turned by means of CAMPEN’s fully automatic re-roller, and the carpet is wound again. The advantage of this solution is that only a part of a roll can be backed, and the remaining part of the roll can be returned to the stockroom.

    Moreover, CAMPEN offers a fully automatic pile turning device which plaits the turned carpet onto a slat conveyor. From this point the plaited carpet can be conveyed towards the sewing machine.

    Increased capacity with two operators and two sewing machines

    The pile turning device also allows for the opportunity of sewing in short pieces. Carpet samples can be sewn together to make fuller pieces so that it will be possible not to disrupt a fast-running line during production.

    Flexible solutions

    CAMPEN offers both in-line and ”out of line” solutions permitting installations even where space is very limited.

    • Both solutions can be handled by one operator only
    • The re-roller can be used off-line so that the pile-turned rolls can be put in stock
    • The automatic pile turning device processes all qualities safely, fully automatically and uniformly
    • When the carpets are to be turned automatically, no additional staff are required
    • When turned, the carpet transport will be more straight through the backing line


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