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    Backing Line – Floor Level

    All types of backing lines can be installed on floor level.

    When space is allowed for a backing line on one level only

    A backing line is always adapted to the physical space available. The higher line capacity required, the bigger the line must be – primarily for the sake of the dryer capacity.

    When a line is installed on one level only, especially service facilities and accessibility are optimized.

    Cleaning and daily operation

    When an installation is planned on one level only, it is always possible to place the drains in the ”wet areas” so that the flush water for cleaning purposes can be sent to wastewater treatment in an easy and safe way.

    In general, the operators’ working environment is often better if the line is installed on one level only – especially temperature conditions and minimum use of stairs.

    Adaptation to existing, internal logistics

    Thanks to CAMPEN’s vast experience, we can – during the configuration and layout phase – advise about the most appropriate placement of the line in the building in order to optimize the internal logistics.

    • A CAMPEN line is designed for pile down operation unless otherwise specifically required by the customer. This contributes to a good overview over the laminating process where a constant and correct needling can easily be ensured. Consequently, with a line on one level only, by far the most work processes take place on floor level
    • CAMPEN’s dryers are modular built, and therefore the line does not require any kind of foundations. In this way a fast and inexpensive installation is guaranteed
    • Often, it will be possible to adapt a line on one level only to a lower floor-to-ceiling height in an existing building, e.g. by making use of the space between the trusses for the highest machine components or making one or more pits in the floor
    • Typical dimensions:
      • Width: 5.5 – 7 meters
      • Length: 50 – 225 meters
      • Varying height through the line: 2.5 – 6 meters

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