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    Privacy Policy

    Latest update: October 2019

    1. SCOPE

    This personal data policy covers all companies in the VARO Group, including VARO Specialmaskiner A/S, CAMPEN Machinery A/S and Bjørnkjær A/S - hereinafter referred to as VARO.


    As a data controller, VARO is required to protect personal data. VARO processes personal information in accordance with applicable law and this personal data policy.


    The policy applies to VARO and VARO employees, and at the same time it serves the purpose of informing how VARO handles personal data in connection with our business. The policy does not include internal processing of employee data.


    VARO collects and stores personal information only to the extent necessary to operate VARO's business. VARO typically handles personal data in connection with the creation and management of relationships with customers, suppliers and other collaborators. VARO only uses information obtained by or disclosed by affiliates in connection with marketing, offers for products and services, sales, purchases and other trade-related activities.


    VARO registers information about employees at customers and other companies that are part of VARO's business. This is done in order to fulfill our obligations in terms of sales, purchases and other agreements. Examples of types of personal data collected and stored for administrative, commercial and / or legal purposes are:
    • Contact person's personal information such as name, address, e-mail address, phone, etc.
    • Those who have granted VARO permission to store and use their contact information in order to receive newsletters and / or marketing material from VARO. This permission may be withdrawn at any time by either hitting "unsubscribe" in our e-mails or by contacting GDPR@VARO.DK.
    • Information on traffic patterns and IP addresses on our website. Typically, this information does not contain personal information as such. For more information about VARO's use of cookies, VARO refers to our cookie policy.
    • Data-related traffic on VARO's website is used to improve content and layout on the website.


    VARO is legally required to treat personal information confidentially and may not disclose or use personal data unless permitted or required by law or if the registrant has given written permission for such disclosure. The data subject may revoke such authorization or change its scope at any time.


    Personal data are stored and treated confidentially in accordance with the laws governing the processing and protection of personal data that are in force at any time in Denmark. VARO applies security measures to protect personal data against manipulation, loss, destruction and other unauthorized access to personal information held by VARO. VARO's security procedures are regularly reviewed based on the latest technological development by our IT partner Progressive, and VARO therefore complies with current safety standards. E-mails sent via VARO's mail and web pages are not sent encrypted and should therefore not be used for the transmission of material containing confidential personal information or other confidential material.


    VARO stores personal information for as long as
    • it is necessary to provide the service or sale agreed upon.
    • it is necessary for another legitimate purpose, for example marketing, as required by law.

    9. INDEX

    According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all cooperation partners and customers of VARO have the right to gain insight into the information that VARO holds about the person concerned. VARO is entitled to charge a fee for supplying the information to the customer in accordance with the rates set by the Ministry of Justice. If it appears that this information is incorrect or misleading, that person has the right to request VARO to correct, block or delete this information. In addition, he / she may at any time object to the fact that the information is subject to further processing. If VARO becomes aware of errors in personal data or the information is misleading, the information will be corrected or deleted immediately. Questions and inquiries regarding personal information can be directed to VARO at GDPR@VARO.DK.


    Complaints regarding VARO's processing of personal data can be directed to GDPR@VARO.DK. It is also possible to appeal to the Danish Data Protection Agency, which can be contacted via More information regarding GDPR can be found on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) official website

    11. UPDATES

    VARO reserves the right to continually update and / or change the policy. Please also read about how we use cookies on our website.