Slat conveyor for safe handling of mother rolls

Slat conveyor as buffer prior to the unwinder

The supply of mother rolls is controlled by means of a CAMPEN slat conveyor so that the operator has the best working conditions at sewing and unwinding.

Slat conveyor for transport of pile-turned / plaited carpets

When the mother rolls have been turned and plaited on the slat conveyor, the operator can easily transport the carpet stacks towards the sewing machine.

CAMPEN slat conveyor in extremely heavy-duty design

CAMPEN’s slat conveyors are manufactured in an extremely heavy-duty design in order to operate safely and efficiently even at extreme loads.

  • Heavy-duty design
  • Standard design
  • The slat conveyor is as standard available in 4 or 6 meters’ length.
  • Up to a length of 6 meters
  • Roll weights up to 1200 kg

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