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    Airlaid webs have little strength in their unbonded form. Therefore, it needs to be strengthened. This is affected by bonding, a vital step in the production of airlaid nonwovens. The choice of method is at least as important to ultimate functional properties as the type of fiber in the web.

    There are three basic types of bonding:

    • Chemical
    • Thermal
    • Mechanical


    Type of bonding processes based on final product

    Final application: absorbent core material for baby diapers, feminine hygiene and incontinence products

    HBAL – Hydrogen Laid process = Fluff pulp + calender bonding

    TBAL – Thermal Bonding AirLaid process = Fluff pulp + bonding fibers

    Final application: absorbent cores and different types of wipes

    SBAL/BBAL – Spray or Binder Bonding Airlaid process = Fluff pulp + binder dispersion

    MBAL – Combination of SBAL/BBAL bonding in combination with TBAL – Thermal Bonding

    Airlaid process = Fluff pulp + bonding fibers + binder dispersion

    HLAL – Hydro Laced Airlaid process = Combination of airlaid with spunlace technology


    Unique bonding process for biodegradable wipes

    Final application: disposable, flushable, dispersible and 100% biodegradable wipes

    CAMPEN has perfected a 20-year-old technology to combine airlaid with the spunlacing process to produce a nonwoven for wet and dry wipes which is up to 100% disposable and biodegradable. This nonwoven is characterized by extremely soft wipes with a very high tensile elongation making this raw material a sustainable product without compromising on quality.

    Furthermore, the process makes it possible to use different types of man-made or natural fibers in a homogeneous mixture or in a sandwich construction. This gives the customer the opportunity to design and produce a variety of unique final products with different product performance.

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