Backing Line with More Dryers / Stenters

Multipurpose backing line with more dryers / stenters.

A line with more dryers / stenters offers more possibilities.

CAMPEN’s backing lines with more than one dryer / stenter allow a wider product range. Therefore, the same line can be used for more types of carpet backing.

Thanks to CAMPEN’s know-how and wide experience we can advise about exactly the configuration that will be most ideal for producing the desired combination of products.

CAMPEN’s backing lines include the latest technologies

Many functions are automated to ensure high quality and output as well as uniformity. Our use of technology includes servo drives, load cells, computer systems etc. to control all processes.

  • A CAMPEN line with more dryers is extremely flexible and allows many different quality products.
  • When configurating a CAMPEN line, all possible extensions for any future products are considered carefully.
  • Suitable for:
    • foam backing
    • automotive carpets with powder coating
    • quality carpets
    • delicate carpets
    • carpet tiles

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