CAMPEN Foam Mixers

CAMPEN offers a wide range of mixers for foaming and accurate dosing of latex etc.

Market leader in the carpet machinery industry

The use of fillers in latex compounds is very widespread in the carpet industry, which results in deviations in the compound density. At the end of the seventies, CAMPEN faced this challenge and developed its patented measuring system for continuous density measuring.

Measuring pipe for continuous compound density measuring

The compound density at pump pressure and atmospheric pressure can be continuously measured by means of this system. Consequently, the quantity supplied and the density (at atmospheric pressure) of foamed latex or the like can be controlled very accurately.

Savings as a result of exact density and output

As the density and output can be controlled very accurately, the window of tolerance within which one can operate becomes much smaller. As one always wants to ensure that output is equal to or larger than a certain setpoint, a smaller ”plus / minus window” will automatically result in considerable savings.

CAMPEN offers following mixer types, please click or contact us to hear more:

Our 3D video explains how the automatic foam mixer and measuring system works. To see the whole film please contact us.

  • Considerable savings in compound
  • High degree of reliability
  • User-friendly machines
  • Dosing systems
  • Remote control
  • Foam bank monitoring / control
  • Recipe management
  • Monitoring of the load of the mixer head(s)
  • Automatic selection of compound


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