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    It is important to inspect the carpet pile side, and posssibly the back as well, in order to locate, mark and possibly cut out faults.

    Physical design of the inspection area

    The inspection area is available in a horizontal version amongst others, where the carpet is inspected in the same way as when being placed on the floor. Moreover, it can be inclined, vertical or a combination of these two versions. The back can be inspected on a vertical area before the carpet arrives at the horizontal inspection area.

    Separate inspection area or combined with the winder

    The inspection area can be placed separately between the accumulators or pointed towards the winder in direct continuation hereof or with an additional accumulator before the carpet arrives at the winder.

    Control and integration with production planning and winder

    CAMPEN has developed a control system that can communicate with the customer’s superior ERP system. Consequently, the person in charge of carpet inspection will have a strong basis for optimizing the individual carpet cut-outs.

    • CAMPEN’s solutions are always customized and made together with the individual customer in order to meet his demands to the greatest possible extent
    • Application of metal tapes or marking of slitting position
    • Length measuring by means of the CAMPEN measuring wheel operating accurately and independently of the nature of the backing
    • Optimization of roll cut-outs via data from an ERP system
    • Width slitting: integrated, position- or edge-controlled, one or more knives


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