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    CE Foam Mixer

    Foaming of natural / synthetic latex or adhesive

    The CAMPEN CE foam mixer is used for foaming of natural / synthetic latex or adhesive for productions using up to 6,000 litres of foam per hour.

    The supply of air, latex compound and dosing additives is continuously measured, and the flow rates are automatically adjusted.

    Constant compound density

    Before the foaming process, the density of the latex compound is measured in the CE foam mixer. Consequently, the preset values in g/m² or kg/h as well as the foam density required are kept constant irrespective of possible deviations in the production speed, the output of the mixer or the density of the latex compound.

    These automatic adjustments ensure an efficient and uniform foaming process, which will reduce the latex consumption and improve the quality of the final product.

    CAMPEN automatic CE foam mixer

    Watch our 3D video of the CAMPEN foam mixer to learn how it works. To get a more thorough video and introduction, please contact Peder Helbo, our Sales Director.

    Max. foam output: 6,000 l/hour
    Max. output: 5,000 kg/hour
    Accuracy, latex compound: ± 1%
    Accuracy, additives: ± 1%
    Operating range: 1:10
    Accuracy, foam weight: ± 5 g/l
    Repetition accuracy: ± 1%

    • Up to three dosing pumps for gelling agents, dyestuffs etc.
    • Fully automatic dosing valve
    • Remote control
    • Monitoring of foam bank / level
    • Water-cooled mixer head (rotor / stator)
    • Automatic control of foam volume or foam quantity
    • Recipe handling
    • Sequence with individual parameters for cleaning
    • Electric / pneumatic three-way valve for cleaning
    • Monitoring of the load of the mixer head(s), with alarm limits
    • Communication via Ethernet to a host computer or Internet connection
    • External cooling unit


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