Unwinding equipment

In-depth understanding of unwinding technology

CAMPEN offers a wide range of products and solutions for most unwinding processes for web produced material, such as nonwoven, textile, film, airlaid, rubber, carpet or paper. We have extensive experience and specific knowledge within unwinding equipment and technology, cross cutting systems and material tension, which enables us to handle even the most complex materials.

Our unwinding machines are based on standard modules and adapted to the needs of our customers and the characteristics of their products.

The unwinding process can be feeding of material into a processing line, laminating of two or multiple layers or unwinding at an off-line converting machine. The character of this process as well as the type and characteristics of the material will determine the type of unwinder to be used.

CAMPEN can assist in finding the right solution for your product and production set-up, and we offer almost any kind of unwinding solution such as:

  • A-frame with center drive
  • Surface unwinding from a roller cradle
  • Shaftless unwinding with or without roll lifting facility
  • Center unwinding with edge guiding and waiting position for the next roll
  • Double center unwinding unit with edge guiding and semi-automatic tape splicing or heat splicing
  • Turret unwinder with automatic roll change and tape splicing on the fly

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Unwinder for nonwovens


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