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    Drum forming head

    CAMPEN Machinery has produced traditional drum forming heads since the 1980’ies. Within the last few years, several improvements have been made to the traditional drum former, which, amongst others, gives our customers following advantages:

    • Easy to clean and keep clean during operation
    • Low maintenance
    • No oil dripping from bearings
    • Fiber length up to 12 mm

    With the CAMPEN drum forming head technology, many different types of natural, cellulose-based and synthetic fibers can be airlaid / drylaid into a web.

    Drum forming for wipes

    Drum forming technology is especially suitable for forming very fine airlaid webs from short fibers up to 12 mm, for example for wipes and hygiene products or tissues.

    If you wish to be able to process short as well as long fibers up to 30mm in length into airlaid webs  – please see our beater forming technology, which is able to process traditional man-made fibers, natural fibers and cellulose fibers as well as recycling fibers etc.

    It is also possible to combine the two technologies within the same airlaid line. Please contact us to discuss your needs and the possibilities of the technology.

    Flexible airlaid web formation

    Web formation is accomplished through rotating forming drums and needle rollers. The CAMPEN former heads offer maximum fiber flexibility and are provided with high performance drums and needle rollers.

    The capacity of the airlaid forming head is depending on the following:

    • Mix and type of fibers
    • Drum diameter
    • Working width
    • Suction capacity

    Prevent oil drops in drum forming heads

    As opposed to traditional drum forming heads, CAMPENs new drum forming heads have maintenance-free drum bearings, which entirely prevent oil drippings onto the airlaid product. This has previously been a common problem amongst traditional drum forming heads, but with CAMPENs improvement, contamination of products is eliminated, which is especially important in airlaid for wound care, medical and the food industry. Furthermore, the lubricant grease is food approved.

    The new drum bearings furthermore ensure less friction than traditional bearings and therefore energy use is significantly reduced.

    >> See also our customer case for Magic Srl, which uses our drum forming technology

    >> Read more about our beater forming technology, which besides natural and synthetic fibers also can process recycling fibers and other fibers up to 30 mm

    Complete airlaid line with CAMPEN drum forming technology. To see reference case, please click here.

    Airlaid drum forming

    The CAMPEN drum forming head has been continously improvement, for example through maintenance-free drum bearings, which entirely prevent oil drippings onto the airlaid product.

    Drum forming technology

    CAMPEN drum forming technology uses significantly lower energy than traditional drum forming heads.

    • Easy to clean and keep clean during operation
    • Low energy consumption
    • Minimum of manually adjustable components
    • Fiber length up to 12 mm
    • No need of nits/lumps return system to hammer mill
    • Low degree of maintenance
    • Optimum and easy process adjustment to ensure an even g/m² profile in CD and MD
    • Optimum fiber formation at line speed up to 500 m/min., without web beaching/shadows or other defects in the web
    • Drum diameter: 335 mm – 435 mm – 615 mm – 740 mm – 995 mm
    • Production width range: 250 – 5000 mm
    • Line speed up to 500 m/min.
    • Basis weight range: 38 – 1000 g/m²
    • Able to feed man-made fibers like PP, viscose, PE/PET, PE/PP or super absorber fibers into the airlaid forming process
    • Able to feed SAP into the airlaid forming process or between each forming heads

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