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    Spike Former Technology: Elevating Airlaid Production for Absorbency, Versatility and Performance


    Unleash the power of spike former technology for unrivaled airlaid performance

    As a leading machinery producer in the airlaid industry, CAMPEN proudly introduces our cutting-edge spike former technology, designed to revolutionize your nonwoven material production. With a focus on superior absorbency, versatility and performance, our spike formers enable you to create a wide range of products, from absorbent hygiene items to water-repellent fiber mats and insulation materials.

    Superior absorbency and beyond

    Our spike former technology excels in creating nonwoven materials with outstanding absorbent properties. The entangled and interlocked fibers formed by our spike formers result in a relatively open structure, ideal for producing absorbent hygiene products such as diapers, adult incontinence pads, feminine care products and underpads. The airlaid materials we produce boast high or low density properties as well as cushion properties.

    Versatility to the core

    The CAMPEN spike former technology extends beyond absorbency, empowering you to manufacture fiber mats and insulation materials with ease. Our spike formers allow for precise control over web thickness, density and basic weight, making them ideal for creating a diverse range of nonwoven products tailored to your specific needs.

    Water resistance for added performance

    Take your airlaid products to new heights by incorporating water resistance. At CAMPEN, we have developed a unique method to make each individual fiber water-repellent, opening up exciting possibilities for your end products. This water-resistant coating, currently under “patent pending,” can be applied to one side of the product, as seen in feminine care items where one side remains absorbent while the other side becomes water-resistant. Alternatively, the entire product, such as insulation material, can benefit from this innovative feature, enhancing its performance in various applications.

    Technical specifications

    • Fiber web working width: from 600 mm to 3700 mm, allowing for efficient production and versatility in material dimensions
    • Estimated capacity range: depending on raw material and feeding capacity, the pilot spike former can handle 150 – 600 kg/h/meter, catering to diverse production demands
    • Max. basic weight after airlaid former: depending on the raw material, the airlaid former delivers a basic weight range of 500 – 14,500 g/m², providing flexibility in material thickness
    • Density of the fiber web after the former and hot-roll compaction: depending on the raw material, the former achieves a fiber web density of 25 – 150 kg/m³, ensuring stability and strength in the final product
    • Max. web thickness after airlaid former: depending on the raw material, the airlaid former achieves a web thickness range of 15 – 300 mm, catering to varying material requirements


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