Batch mixing of binder

Preparation and mixing of binder, additives and water in a separate blending tank with subsequent supply to a pumping unit and a spray application unit.

For mixing of the binder, the state-of-the-art CAMPEN mixer can be applied.

Read more about the CAMPEN foam mixer here.

CAMPEN mixer for foaming of natural / synthetic latex or adhesive.
Batch binder mixing system - liquid
  • Pumping unit with an AC driven mono pump with variable speed regulation
  • Flow indication with readout of current flow
  • Pressure measuring with readout on the overall control panel
  • The pump output is automatically controlled to reach a certain pressure in order to give a uniform spray pattern on the material
  • Duplex filter unit, one for each pump, with differential pressure switch with alarm. Filter size: 50 microns
  • With automatic or manual changeover
  • In case of a short line stop, the pump will automatically run at minimum capacity in a bypass loop to prevent clogging of binder inside the pump
  • Manually operated CIP system
  • Capacity: up to 10,000 l/hour per batch

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