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    Revolutionary Beater Forming Technology for Airlaid Production

    The patented CAMPEN beater forming technology enables you to:

    • Process 0 – 20 mm long fibers
    • Combine airlaid with drylaid fiber forming technologies
    • Produce a wast variety of products on the same compact production line
    • Upcycle material from your production
    • Minimize your energy consumption (compared to similar systems)
    CAMPEN Beater Forming Technology

    Versatile fiber length handling

    One of the standout features of CAMPEN’s beater forming technology is its exceptional versatility in handling fiber lengths. From fibers as short as 1 mm to as long as 30 mm, this technology offers manufacturers an extensive range of options for product development.

    Whether they are seeking the softness and loftiness of short fibers or the strength and resilience of long fibers, CAMPEN’s beater forming technology empowers manufacturers to create nonwoven materials tailored to specific applications and customer demands. This flexibility opens up a world of possibilities, allowing manufacturers to explore new markets, expand their product portofolio and make it possible to use sustainable natural fibers, such as straw or wood pulp as well as recycling fibers from textiles or packaging as well as bicomponent fibers, PP/PET/viscose fiber blends or other.

    Seamless integration with web forming technologies

    CAMPEN’s beater forming technology seamlessly integrates with various web forming technologies, making it a versatile and adaptable solution for airlaid production. This technology harmoniously combines with conventional airlaid forming, meltblown, spunbond, carding systems and wetlaid technology. The compatibility with multiple processes provides manufacturers with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

    Streamlined one-step production

    One of the significant advantages of CAMPEN’s beater forming technology is its ability to facilitate a streamlined one-step production process. By equipping the beater forming head with an outlet chute, the technology allows for direct blowing out of fluff pulp fibers. Furthermore, when combined with melt and / or spunbond beams, this process enables the production of airlaid materials in a single, efficient operation. The elimination of additional bonding methods, such as spunlace and drying, simplifies the production process and significantly reduces production time and costs.

    Manufacturers can benefit from increased throughput, improved productivity and enhanced profitability while maintaining the superior quality and performance of their nonwoven materials.

    Upcycling of fibers with CAMPEN’s airlaid beater forming technology

    CAMPEN’s exceptional beater forming technology also presents a groundbreaking opportunity for waste fiber upcycling. With this innovative technology, companies can effectively utilize production waste fibers and transform them into valuable, upcycled products.

    The beater forming technology empowers companies to tackle the challenge of excess product material and waste fibers generated during their production processes. Instead of incurring costs for disposing of these materials, companies can leverage CAMPEN’s technology to upcycle the waste fibers and make them into new, high-quality airlaid products.

    >> Contact us to find out if your fibers can be upcycled
    >> Visit our test center and let us help you breathe new life into your own waste fibers

    Energy efficiency and cost savings

    CAMPEN’s beater forming technology not only offers exceptional performance but also prioritizes energy efficiency and cost savings. Thorough testing of CAMPEN’s new forming technology shows that it requires 45% less process air and filter system and uses 55% less energy than existing former heads, and will thus generate substantial savings for years to come!

    Moreover, the energy-efficient nature of CAMPEN’s beater forming technology aligns with sustainability initiatives, reducing the environmental footprint of airlaid production. By choosing CAMPEN’s technology, manufacturers can achieve a perfect balance between superior product quality, cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

    Beater and Drum Forming Technology for the manufacturing of airlaid nonwovens

    Above is an example of a turnkey line for the combination of beater and drum forming technology with up to four fiber layers for the manufacture of disposable nonwovens (HLAL process)

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