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    High-Performance Gas Burner Drying Systems and Ovens for Airlaid Production

    At CAMPEN, we specialize in providing advanced gas burner drying systems and ovens for airlaid production. Through our collaboration with AUTEFA Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of production technology tailored to meet the unique requirements of airlaid production.

    Gas-burner oven

    Gas burner oven for airlaid production

    Precise temperature control and efficient drying performance

    Our drying systems and oven technology focus on achieving precise temperature control and efficient drying performance in the airlaid process. By utilizing a carefully controlled hot air stream, our solutions ensure even drying, resulting in high-quality products. Furthermore, our advanced design enables low energy consumption and high uptime, contributing to cost savings and enhanced productivity.

    Easy cleaning and maintenance for optimal operation

    We understand the importance of easy cleaning and maintenance in the airlaid production environment. Our drying systems and oven technology are designed with user convenience in mind, making them easy to clean and keep clean during operation. This feature not only promotes operational efficiency, but also helps maintain product quality and hygiene standards.

    Modular design with gas burners and circulating fans

    Our drying systems and oven technology feature a modular design, allowing for flexibility and customization to meet specific production requirements. With the integration of gas burners and circulating fans, our solutions provide precise control over the airflow and temperature profiles, ensuring uniformity in both the cross-direction (CD) and machine-direction (MD) airflow and temperature distribution.

    Energy consumption monitoring and exhaust energy recovery

    To support sustainable and energy-efficient operations, our drying systems and oven technology are equipped with a control system that provides an overview of energy consumption. This monitoring capability allows for optimized energy management and cost control. Additionally, we offer an exhaust energy recovery system as an optional feature, further optimizing energy usage and reducing environmental impact.

    Versatility for different bonding processes

    Our drying systems and oven technology are built to accommodate various bonding processes, including thermal bonding, chemical binder bonding or a combination of both. Regardless of the bonding method employed, our solutions ensure an even airflow profile in both the cross direction and machine direction as well as an even temperature profile, resulting in consistent and high-quality airlaid products.

    Experience the efficiency and reliability of our advanced drying systems and oven technology for airlaid production. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and discover how our expertise can elevate your airlaid manufacturing process.

    Looking for an electrical solution?

    Within the airlaid and nonwovens sectors, maintaining a consistent and precise oven temperature is crucial for producing uniform products. In the past, only gas burners could achieve this level of accuracy as electric heaters fell short in precision. However, at CAMPEN, we have transitioned from gas burners to electric heating, which offers exceptional and accurate heat control, making it a viable alternative to conventional ovens.

    Consequently, CAMPEN is now equipped to provide ovens with either gas burners or electric heating systems, based on our clients’ specific needs.


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