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    Produce Sustainable, Fiber-based Packaging

    In an era where sustainability is a necessity, CAMPEN is your partner in innovation, offering cutting-edge technology and expertise in producing fiber-based packaging. Our patent-pending process for manufacturing cellulose-based trays marks a significant advancement in eco-friendly packaging production, ideal for various applications from fresh produce to cosmetics and take-away containers.

    Watch our video of how our samples of airlaid trays are produced in our test center. The airlaid technology and patent-pending process for making fiber-based trays are for sale.

    Why choose to produce fiber-based packaging?

    • Implement 100% plastic-free solutions: made entirely from compostable cellulose, or a blend of cellulose and natural fibers, recycled fibers or waste fibers from e.g. cardboard production, fiber-based packaging is an ideal solution for companies looking to eliminate plastic from their packaging or to dive into upcycling and waste reduction.
    • Adopt eco-efficient manufacturing processes: our manufacturing process conserves both water and energy, setting new standards in environmental responsibility for packaging companies.
    • Produce deep and durable packaging: with the capability to create trays up to 50 mm deep (and in some cases more), our technology and process offer unmatched, robust and versatile cellulose-based trays for all packaging needs.
    • Incorporate innovative coating methods: besides the traditional spray or film coating, we offer biodegradable coating of every single fiber in the tray, ensuring comprehensive durability and waterproofing.
    • Benefit from flexible technology: with one compact production line, you are able to create a wide variety of airlaid materials with different properties and thicknesses, opening a world of possibilities for your packaging needs.

    Experience the difference with a sample of our airlaid trays

    Discover how our technology can be tailored to your specific needs by requesting a sample. Experience the quality and versatility of cellulose trays produced using our patent-pending process on our own hosted airlaid pilot line and with your preferred materials and coatings.

    Please ask for samples with your preferred properties, desired coating method and fiber type.

    The crafting process of fiber-based packaging

    Your journey to create top-tier cellulose-based trays begins with our innovative airlaid technology. Here, fibers are evenly mixed into a controlled airflow, forming a structured layer. This layer is then bonded using a technique that best suits the desired properties of the final product. During this stage, you will have the capability to enhance each fiber with a biodegradable coating. This extra step boosts the tray’s strength and water resistance. Also spray coatings and bondings as well as film lamination can be utilized in the process, which widens the range of possible characteristics exponentially.

    Once the airlaid material is ready, the trays are shaped using heat and pressure in an automated process. This method produces trays that are not only strong and up to 50 mm deep (and in some cases more), but also completely compostable. Our technology allows you to make trays from pure cellulose or a mix of cellulose with natural, recycled or excess fibers like cardboard scraps. This process, currently under patent pending status, is not just about crafting high-quality trays. It is also about doing so in an environmentally friendly way, using less energy and water compared to traditional paper and cardboard production methods.

    Join us at our airlaid test center

    We invite you to visit our state-of-the-art airlaid test center. Here, you can see the technology in action and learn how airlaid trays are crafted. You are welcome to bring your own tools, materials or coating to experiment with what is possible with our machinery and processes. Collaborate with us to explore how our machinery and processes can help you produce airlaid trays that meet your specific needs. Our Airlaid Specialists are with you every step of the way to guide you.

    CAMPEN Complete Airlaid turnkey System

    Having our own testing facility ensures that we can be even better at advising our customers on innovative products and on improving their existing productions.

    Partner with CAMPEN as a technical partner for a greener future in packaging

    At CAMPEN, our commitment to eco-friendly solutions goes beyond selling machinery – we partner with our clients to share knowledge and expertise, ensuring you are well-equipped to make the most of our innovative technology and production processes.

    Join us in our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future. For any queries, or to discuss how our technology and production processes for cellulose-based packaging can meet your requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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