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    Hot-Roll Embosser for Airlaid Production: Enhancing Quality and Efficiency

    Streamlined airlaid web transfer system

    The airlaid web transfer system plays a crucial role in the production of premium airlaid products. Our cutting-edge hot-roll embosser, combined with advanced technology, ensures a seamless transfer of the airlaid web from the forming section to the dryer inlet.

    The transfer unit comprises a wire run with wire guide, a wire tensioning system, a wire cleaning system, a suction box and a strategically positioned fan. These components work together to securely hold the airlaid web in place during web transfer and embossing, facilitating a smooth and efficient production process.

    Examples of final products with embossed patterns

    Achieve superior quality with wire or roller embossing technology

    At CAMPEN, we understand the importance of delivering high-end wipes, napkins and other disposable products for the hygiene or food industries to meet the demands of your customers. Our hot-roll embosser, in conjunction with the airlaid web, allows you to achieve superior quality in your final products.

    Utilizing state-of-the-art wire or roller embossing technology, our hot-roll embosser ensures precise and intricate patterns on the airlaid web. This technology enhances the visual appeal and functionality of your napkins and wipes, creating a luxurious experience for end users.

    By investing in our hot-roll embosser for airlaid production, you gain a competitive edge in the market. Experience enhanced productivity, improved product quality and increased customer satisfaction by harnessing the power of our cutting-edge technology.

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