Binder spray technology

The main function of the binder spray technology is to apply binder on one or both sides of an unbonded or pre-bonded airlaid material in the rate and volume required, depending on the fabric or material.

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  • Motorized lifting and lowering system for the spray unit
  • Each spray bar has a supply connection on the side, and it is fitted with a number of spray nozzles to generate a uniform spray picture on the nonwoven material
  • Quick clamp connection of the spray bar for easy dismantling for cleaning purposes or change of nozzles
  • Water connection for flushing the nozzles with cleaning water at each line stop
  • Easy and safe possibility to carry out service on the nozzles during operation
  • Working width: up to 5000 mm
  • Line speed: up to 600 m/min.
  • Spray capacity/side: 50 – 7000 l/hour binder mix

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