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    Airlaid Coating Technology: Elevating the Performance of Airlaid Products

    Revolutionary airlaid coating technology

    At CAMPEN, we constantly push the boundaries of airlaid production by offering not only advanced technologies for material formation, but also groundbreaking methods to enhance the properties of airlaid products. With our unique coating technology, we can impart additional functionalities to airlaid materials, making them resistant to various liquids and providing unparalleled performance. This innovation is particularly advantageous for the packaging industry and insulation materials.

    Our cutting-edge coating method, currently pending patent approval, revolutionizes the way airlaid materials interact with liquids. Through our process, we render every single cellulose fiber in the airlaid product non-absorbent, resulting in remarkable water resistance and improved durability. This breakthrough enables the creation of denser materials, with a density of up to 800 g/m², while maintaining an impressive thickness of 16 – 17 mm.

    Coating technology for airlaid production

    Liquid-resistant airlaid materials for packaging

    The benefits of our coating technology extend across diverse industries, with packaging manufacturers finding immense value in the enhanced properties it imparts to their products. By incorporating our coated airlaid materials into their packaging solutions, they can achieve superior liquid resistance, protecting the packaged goods from potential damage caused by spills or leaks. This added functionality provides an extra layer of security, ensuring the integrity and quality of the packaged items throughout the supply chain.

    Water-resistant and sustainable insulation

    Moreover, our coating technology opens up new opportunities in the realm of insulation materials. By rendering the airlaid fibers non-absorbent, our technology can create insulation products that exhibit exceptional resistance to moisture. This innovation is particularly crucial for applications where insulation materials may be exposed to challenging environments or varying weather conditions. Our coated airlaid insulation materials offer long-lasting performance, maintaining their insulating properties even in damp or humid conditions.

    CAMPEN’s commitment to innovation and technological excellence has led us to develop this unique coating method, setting us apart as a leader in the airlaid production industry. Our expertise, combined with our relentless pursuit of advancements, enables us to deliver tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.

    With our coating technology, we offer a transformative solution that elevates the performance and functionality of airlaid materials. By partnering with CAMPEN, manufacturers gain a competitive edge, benefitting from the enhanced properties of our coated airlaid products, which ultimately contribute to their success in the marketplace.

    Experience the power of our revolutionary coating technology and unlock the full potential of your airlaid production. Contact us today to explore how CAMPEN can help you achieve extraordinary results in your industry.

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