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    Produce Airlaid In-house: How Magic’s Airlaid Investment Revolutionized Their Sustainable Offerings

    In an industry driven by demand for sustainable innovation, Magic’s strategic investment in an airlaid line and to produce airlaid in-house has positioned them as a frontrunner. The R&D Manager of Magic, Luca Lavazza, sheds light on their transformative journey – from purchasing airlaid to producing it in-house, ensuring control and sustainability as well as high-quality products and competitive pricing for their customers.

    About Magic

    The roots of Magic date back to 1987, specializing in converting airlaid for the food, medical, personal care and safety and cleaning industries. Traditional products, such as food pads, typically have an airlaid core, sometimes with a superabsorber, and one or more plastic films to act as a barrier for the food. Before investing in an airlaid line, Magic would buy the airlaid from one of their trusted global airlaid suppliers and then convert the airlaid into varying products, such as food pads.


    Decision to produce airlaid in-house

    Magic’s transition to production company began with a spark of innovation in 2015 when they developed and patented Spongel, a groundbreaking, biodegradable superabsorbent powder. Luca Lavazza, R&D Manager of Magic, recalled: “The development and patent process of Spongel set us on a path that led to the airlaid line’s installation.” The motivation wasn’t just about having a product; it was about redefining the industry’s standards. While sourcing SAF airlaid from global suppliers was the norm, Magic envisioned a future where they could offer customers a compostable alternative with Spongel  – and that was just not possible to do with buying airlaid from external suppliers. “The aim was twofold: present an eco-friendly solution to clients and secure Magic’s future in a rapidly changing market,” Lavazza added.

    Guidance to airlaid production and technology

    Investing in airlaid technology

    When Magic had decided upon purchasing their own airlaid line and produce airlaid in-house, they contacted an airlaid technology expert in Italy, who, based on experience, recommended hiring CAMPEN. The expert assessed that CAMPEN had great airlaid machinery knowledge and the right competence and experience with combining sustainable product development and high-quality machinery. CEO of Magic, Mauro Giani, explained: “We looked for a supplier with experience within airlaid lines with whom we could form a technical partnership. We found that with the CAMPEN team.”

    Together with CAMPEN, Magic carried out tests of their product in an airlaid testing facility with CAMPEN’s equipment and was convinced by the results and competencies of CAMPEN. “The airlaid material that was developed after the test surpassed the expectations we had for the material,” says Mauro Giani.

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    Understand airlaid production

    As Luca Lavazza sums up: “Transitioning wasn’t a walk in the park!”. While the transition posed challenges, Luca reflects on the unwavering support they received: he attributes a significant part of their success to CAMPEN, their trusted partner in this journey. “When we started, we were novices in airlaid technology and production. CAMPEN’s precise understanding, technical prowess and unwavering support were instrumental. They helped us grasp the complexities of airlaid technology! I even had CAMPEN’s Airlaid Specialist on speed dial!”.

    Become competent airlaid producers

    Discussing the operational changes, Luca highlighted the team spirit at Magic. “From day one, we believed in sharing knowledge, from managerial levels to operational workers. Despite the initial challenges, our collective growth and perseverance have made us competent airlaid producers. Our production rate, which was initially 5 days in 3 shifts, is gradually shifting to a 24/7 model as we produce approximately 3000 tons annually, with 90% for internal use.”

    Control the entire airlaid production process by producing airlaid in-house

    Meeting evolving customer demands

    Today, Magic’s customers benefit from competitive pricing and high-quality products, all thanks to their in-house airlaid production. “By controlling the entire production process, we’ve kept costs in check for our customers and offered superior quality products, which can be tailor-made as per our customers’ needs. This agility is something our clientele deeply values,” Luca emphasizes.

    Future-proofing the company

    The future looks promising. Luca envisions further growth for Magic, focusing more on sustainability. “We’ve already made significant strides with our biodegradable products, and it’s a reality today due to the CAMPEN line. It has been a pivotal factor in our growth trajectory.”

    Magic has taken yet another strategic step to amplify their production capabilities. In 2023, they invested in an upgrade for their existing airlaid facility, again collaborating with CAMPEN. The primary focus of this upgrade is to significantly enhance the output, aiming to produce even more tons of airlaid from the facility. This decision underscores Magic’s commitment to increasing efficiency and further optimizing their in-house airlaid production, ensuring they stay at the forefront of industry advancements and continue to meet the growing demands of their customers.

    Produce biodegradable airlaid products with your own airlaid line

    Are you considering taking the step to produce airlaid in-house?

    For converting companies considering a similar transition, Luca has some words of advice: “It’s a challenging path, but the rewards at the end are manifold – from product flexibility and cost control to unmatched customer satisfaction. However, finding a technical partner who is able to guide you through the process is vital! We couldn’t have done it without CAMPEN.”

    Magic’s journey, laden with challenges, innovation and triumphs, is a testament to the power of foresight, resilience and collaboration. With sustainability at its core, Magic is poised to shape the future of sustainable food packaging.

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