Short roll winder

In-line short roll winders are normally used where the production of final sales rolls in an in-line process is a requirement. With a proven and reliable CAMPEN winder, the use of a short roll winder can in many cases eliminate the need for a troublesome and costly off-line converting process.

Automatic short roll winder

In-line short roll winders can be offered as semi- or fully automatic solutions or as center or surface winders. An automatic solution with a surface winder includes fully automatic feeding of cardboard tubes and fully automatic roll change.

Ensuring easy downstream handling

A start-up of a new roll can be done with the CAMPEN “air threading system”, which eliminates the use of tape or glue by wrapping the web around the cardboard tube. Alternatively, the start-up can be made with hot melt, depending on the type of material. This solution may include final sealing of the roll by means of a hot melt glue. In this way, the roll will not unwind itself, and an easy downstream handling is ensured.

Optional combinations to make the most of your production

In order to compensate for the short stop at roll change, CAMPEN recommends combining the short roll winder with one of CAMPEN’s highly dynamic accumulators.

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The short roll winder can also be combined with a state-of-the-art CAMPEN packaging solution ensuring efficient and cost-optimized packaging.

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Working width:
1000-3000 mm

Finished roll size:
approx. 100-300 mm, but can be up to 600 mm

Cardboard tube diameter:
25, 40, 50 and 76 mm – others on request

up to 300 m/min.

approx. 2 rolls/min. (unslit), 50 m roll length


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