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    Belt accumulator

    The belt accumulator is made for highly sensitive nonwoven or lightweight nonwoven where many meters of accumulation are desired at limited space, and this type of accumulator is mostly installed in-line just before the winder.

    Web accumulation of nonwoven products

    When running without accumulation, the conveyor belt will just transport the web at line speed without any tension at all. When the web has to be accumulated, the lower belt will stop, and the nose of the upper belt will slowly move backwards. The fabric will fold, and hereby accumulate, on the lower belt, and the relative speed of the top belt will determine the accumulation factor. The factor will typically be from around 4 up to 25, but it can be even higher for very thin or lightweight products.

    The movement and speed of the belts are synchronized with the winder, and when the winder starts up again, the top belt will automatically move forward following the speed of the winder.

    Belt accumulator for sensitive products

    For extremely sensitive products the belt accumulator can be equipped with non-touching loop sensor control for final speed control, and it can be equipped with lightweight carbon fiber rollers as well.


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