The off-line center winder is mainly used as a semi-automatic machine converting small rolls into big rolls. The cantilevered winding shaft makes roll handling and roll change very easy. Small and light rolls can be handled manually, whereas heavier rolls call for the winder to be equipped with a supporting conveyor which pulls the roll off the winding shaft.

Center winders can also be offered with double winding shafts for multiple slitting with automatic roll doffing systems (e.g. a movable carriage).

For high capacities we also offer the turret winder as an off-line solution where the automatic roll change will increase the capacity. Learn more about our turret winder here.

Slitting solutions     

CAMPEN offers many different solutions, ranging from crush cut, shear cut to double, rotating blades for heavy materials and even single blade cutting systems with either manual or automatic setting of the knife position, depending on the material to be cut. Edge trim will typically be handled by means of an air suction system, but it can also be by means of an integrated spooling device.


Our off-line winders can be equipped with many different kinds of unwinding systems, learn more about our unwinders here.


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