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    Surface rewinder

    Surface rewinders are specially designed to slit and rewind different kinds of fabrics, such as nonwovens, roofing membranes, textiles, airlaid etc. Surface rewinders are often used for off-line converting with either semi-automatic or fully automatic roll change.

    In most cases the surface rewinder offers easy handling of the finished roll as winding can be carried out without the use of a center shaft.

    Click here to learn about our surface winder, which works after the same principles as the surface rewinder.

    Fully automatic roll change

    The challenge with a surface winder is how to make a reliable and well-functioning roll change. CAMPEN offers different systems depending on the type of fabric:

    • Air blow system combined with a mechanical push-in knife, which leads the web around the cardboard tube with a double layer on the first round
    • Hot melt glue system, attaching the web to the cardboard tube
    • Mechanical roll start with a “roller head” guiding the web around the cardboard tube without any double layer

    Slitting solutions

    CAMPEN offers many different solutions, ranging from crush cut, shear cut to double, rotating blades for heavy fabrics and even single blade cutting systems. With either manual or automatic setting of the knife position, depending on the fabric to be cut. Selvedge trim will typically be handled by means of an air suction system, but it can also be by means of an integrated spooling device.


    Our off-line winders can be equipped with many different kinds of unwinding systems, learn more about our unwinders here.

    Contact us to hear which type of surface winder fits your product and production type.




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