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    Roller accumulator

    Accumulator in heavy-duty design for working widths up to approx. 6000 mm, even with heavy nonwoven fabrics.

    Roller accumulator with optimal web tension

    Depending on the building height, the contents in one section can be up to approx. 60 running meters, and if additional contents are needed, more sections can be added. Each section has a driven inlet roller and a driven outlet roller. The movable roller support with free-running rollers is suspended in four synchronized chains, and the loading / unloading is controlled by means of a servo drive via load cell measurements from one of the free-running rollers.

    The actual status of web speed, web contents and web tension can be shown on a graphical screen as part of the overall line control system.

    For applications where the roller accumulator has to be threaded frequently, we suggest to use the so-called comb accumulator filling from the bottom to the top. The web can be threaded straight through when the accumulator is in bottom position, and, if required, it is also possible to let the web pass straight through during running. Hence, the web tension is only influenced for a short time during roll change.

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