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    On this page you can read references and customer testimonials about us, our knowledge, our machinery and the collaboration within our three business areas: carpet & artificial grass, nonwoven and airlaid.

    The relationship with our customers

    At CAMPEN, we strive for long-term relationships with our customers based on openness and honesty. We believe that both you as a customer and we as a supplier achieve the greatest success when we are good at working together with respect for each of our specialties.

    Respect for our customers’ projects

    At CAMPEN, we do not believe in “name-dropping”, and we highly respect our customers’ projects, confidentiality requirements and wishes.

    Therefore, you will only experience a small selection of our customers here.

    Customer case stories

    CAMPEN airlaid production lines customer case with Magic Srl

    Complete airlaid production line

    CAMPEN has delivered a complete, new airlaid production line to Magic Srl in Italy. The airlaid line can produce several types of thermally bonded airlaid products with or without tissue and nonwovens as carrier sheet.


    High-end winding technology

    CAMPEN has delivered an automatic slitter / rewinder for slitting and rewinding of nonwovens and geotextiles for the construction, automotive, filter and agriculture industries to Minet in Romania.

    Converting technology for the pharma industry

    Winding and cutting in the pharmaceutical industry

    CAMPEN has delivered several machines for cutting of rubber rolls. These machines are designed to meet the stringent hygiene requirements which are essential in the pharmaceutical industry.

    High volume roll conversion of nonwoven textile

    Lamination line for Don & Low

    Scotland’s leading nonwoven technical textile manufacturer, Don & Low, invested in a new lamination line in 2022, which rapidly boosted their production capacity.

    In-house airlaid production

    Magic’s transformation to airlaid producing company

    Magic successfully transitioned from purchasing to producing airlaid in-house, redefining industry standards and achieving sustainability-driven growth.

    Customer testimonials

    See here what some of our many customers say about working with us.

    Nonwoven references

    “I have been working with CAMPEN since 1992 and have repeatedly bought CAMPEN equipment since then. The machines always meet our requirements, are reliable, robust and easy to operate.

    Customer requests are always taken into account in project planning, and projects are well planned and implemented on schedule to our complete satisfaction.

    The spare parts supply and technical support fully meet our expectations and can be described as exemplary. Especially for us as a contract service provider, this is of enormous importance, which is why CAMPEN is an important partner and supplier for us.”

    Jürgen Hüther, CEO, NOW Contec GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

    Reliable supplier of nonwoven machinery

    Carpet & artificial grass references

    Turnkey line backing line for Abingdon Flooring

    ”We chose CAMPEN as a supplier for a number of reasons. First, they were one of few to actually be able to supply a turnkey backing line. Second, their machinery met all the requirements (such as line speed and quality) that we had for the machinery. Third, we already had CAMPEN equipment in roll-up and wrap machine, which was superb for us as it saved us 50,000 £ a year on polythene.

    The machine was installed a lot better and quicker than we expected. Actually, the whole project from beginning to end has worked really well and turned out exactly how we planned it to be.”

    Robert Dight, Technical Manager, Abingdon Flooring Ltd., UK

    In July 2020, Welspun Flooring Ltd. launched its manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, Telangana in India. The new facility is spread across 200 acres and is equipped with a complete, 150 meter long CAMPEN state-of-the-art backing line for carpets and artificial grass. This multipurpose backing line represents CAMPEN’s latest technology. In their choice of machinery suppliers, Welspun especially emphasized reliable quality and performance as key factors for the choice of CAMPEN.

    Customer references for CAMPEN Machinery by Welspun Ltd.
    Customer satisfaction CAMPEN

    “The CAMPEN mixer really lives up to its fame. The CAMPEN mixer has been living up to all of our requirements regarding high latex output, but also the density of the compound is very stable, it is easy to operate and access as well as easy to clean. We are very happy about our original decision to invest in the CAMPEN mixer.”

    Peng GuangXu, Director of Sisal Carpet Department, JiangSu Dada Jute & Sisal Technology Co., Ltd., China

    CAMPEN has delivered machinery to the following countries:

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