Reverse Roller Applicator

Perfect bond of woven carpets

The reverse roller applicator is used for pre-coating of tufted, woven and needle felt carpets in order to achieve a perfect bond of woven carpets without penetration of latex. In this way, the locks of the tufted carpet are bound to the primary backing and as far as needle felts are concerned that the fibres are bound to one another on the back.

Adjustable speed and penetration

The speed of the doctor roller is adjustable in relation to the line speed. In this way the rate of pre-coating can be varied – even with the same viscosity. Thanks to the adjustable load of the contact rollers the penetration into the carpet can be varied.

Reverse Roller Coater / Applicator

The CAMPEN direct spreading system for carpet pre-coating with foamed pre-coat gives you a lot of advantages, such as:

  • Easy and fast change between various types of compounds
  • Even and exact application across the carpet
  • Quick change of application during operation by raising / lowering the doctor roller and/or adjusting the foam density
  • Easy and fast cleaning
  • Almost no waste of compound viscosity by change of foam density for penetration control
  • Improved fibre lock
  • Compound savings up to 5% compared to traditional reverse roller coating systems
  • Working width – acc. to line width
  • Rotation – with / against carpet direction
  • Doctor rollers are chromium plated and water cooled
  • Carpet supporting table with deflection compensation facilities
  • Automatic quick-lift of doctor roller when joints are passing
  • Setting of doctor roller as balanced load on the carpet or gap with digital read-out of setting
  • Foam distributor with infinitely variable speed control
  • Side limit plates with selfage alignment
Reverse Roller Applicator


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