Pressnip pre-coating system

Accurately controlled penetration

The rotating top roller squeezes the latex compound into the fibres under pressure. Consequently, the bond between the individual fibres and between the fibres and the primary backing is improved.

This method results in a measurable improvement of the carpet quality and a possible reduction of the rate of pre-coating in the area of 5-30% (depending on carpet type).

The “floating” roller has an infinitely adjustable load on the carpet, which is continuously monitored and controlled. The load or gap can be set separately at the left or right side. Therefore, the latex compound can be applied evenly, irrespective of an uneven carpet thickness across the width.

Furthermore, an individual selvedge alignment of the edge limit posts always follows the primary backing.


Improve product quality and reduce costs

The CAMPEN PRESSNIP can easily replace traditional application equipment. It will allow you to reduce application weight and/or costs as well as improve the tuft lock and fibre binding.

Feel free to contact us for a specific PRESSNIP solution, integrated in your existing backing line. CAMPEN also offers complete carpet backing systems, where the PRESSNIP is an integrated part of the solution.

Floating roller with infinitely adjustable nip pressure on the carpet.
The latex compound is squeezed into the fibers.
  • Improved tuft lock & fiber binding
  • Automatically controlled nip pressure and speed
  • Automatic foam bank control
  • Continously measured by means of a laser scanner
  • Pre-coating reduction by 5-30%
  • Increased production speed – reduced costs
  • Automatic monitoring of the size of the foam bank and subsequent correction of the preselection of foam density. This ensures that the required rate of pre-coating is constantly as requested
  • Communication with a CAMPEN mixer from the monitor of the PRESSNIP pre-coating system
  • Adjustable gap setting gives a certain layer on top of the carpet back
  • Pre-programming parameters for each carpet quality

Carpet width:

Up to 5 metres

Nip pressure:

Up to 100 kg / metres

Repetition accuracy:

± 1%

*PRESSNIP with other specifications can also be supplied


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