Dryers for carpets and artificial grass

Since the beginning of the 1960s, CAMPEN has gathered extensive experience within the construction and supply of dryers and stenters for the carpet industry.

Customized stenters

CAMPEN offers different types of stenters tailored to the individual tasks to ensure a stable production and long-term durability.

Belt support

CAMPEN is also capable of supplying a belt support in connection with the dryers, alone or combined with a stenter.


CAMPEN is manufacturing different types of dryers

– the high-performance split-zone dryer, a smaller dryer and a through-flow dryer. Each dryer offers individual advantages and is applied for the required task.

Learn more about CAMPEN’s dryer with split-zone technology

Turnkey supplier of backing lines for the carpet industry

Dryers and stenters are a fully integrated part of CAMPEN’s product range enabling us to supply complete backing lines.

The complete solutions offer great advantages to our customers as the superior project management is handled by one person only. Consequently, communication is comprehensible and unambiguous.

Moreover, the control section will be facilitated, safer and provide a better overview and easier access to all aspects of information on the line.


Peder Helbo Sales Manager

+45 40 75 82 22
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