CAMPEN airlaid test centre

Our new, own hosted airlaid test centre is located near our CAMPEN headquarter in Hornslet near Aarhus in Denmark.

Test centre with the patented airlaid beater forming technology

The processing line is based on CAMPEN’s new, patented airlaid beater forming technology. The test facility consists primarily of an airlaid forming head, a fibre feeding system and a hammer mill designed for high capacity and and flexible Airlaid processes. This means that, in addition to the traditional types of fibres, it can also process recycled fibres and biodegradable fibres from 1 mm up to 30 mm in length. The new technology uses significantly lower energy than similar systems, thereby reducing investment and operating costs.

Test your new ideas at our airlaid test facility

At our test centre we welcome airlaid producers from all around the globe, from international Fortune 500 companies, who would like to test ideas for new products, optimise their productions or improve their final products to small producers of final products, who would like to find out, if they can produce airlaid inhouse.

Develop new products with absolute confidentiality

Having our own testing facility ensures that we can be even better at advising our customers on innovative products and on improving their existing productions. Our customers can see immediate results even from as little as 1 kg of raw material. Our new test facility also allows customers to take home actual rolls with the new product for further consumer testing etc. In addition, we naturally ensure absolute confidentiality when we collaborate on developing new products in our test centre.

>> Read more about our new airlaid forming technology

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