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    Less plastic – more sustainability in Airlaid production

    CAMPEN has over 30 years of experience with developing and supplying complete airlaid lines and machinery to most product areas of the nonwoven industry. Our main focus is to guide and consult our customers towards a more efficient, cost-friendly production which meets the market’s growing demand for sustainable products. One of our latest innovative solutions is a new type of forming head which can process complex fibers, such as recycling fibers, with use of less energy at high-capacity and high line speed.

    Groundbreaking Forming Head for Drylaid / Airlaid
    – Patent Pending

    CAMPEN Machinery A/S has developed a new type of airlaid forming head and hammer mill system designed for robust forming processes. The new technology is measured to use significantly lower energy than similar systems as well as it is possible to process biodegradable fibers.

    CAMPEN is currently building new pilot test facilities to demonstrate the new technology. The new CAMPEN airlaid forming system has already been sold to customers, one of whom a global Fortune 500 company.

    Reduce airlaid production costs

    Based on the current development in the airlaid industry and customer demands towards more biodegradable products and less energy-demanding machinery, CAMPEN has developed a new airlaid fiber forming technology.

    Thorough testing of CAMPEN’s innovative system shows that it requires 45% less process air and filter system and uses 55% less energy.

    Processing of natural and man-made fibers

    At the same time, CAMPEN customers are able to process natural and man-made fibers from 1.5 to 18 mm in fiber length, such as bicomponent fibers, PP/PET/viscose fiber blends as well as recycling fibers from textiles, cardboard boxes, newspapers, wood pulp, natural fibers, glass, stone-based fibers and more.

    The new forming head design and process can be integrated together with wetlaid and other drylaid fiber forming technologies. The basic weight range for the new forming head technology is from 10 to 10,000 g/m², working width from 600 to 6,000 mm and line speed up to 250 m/min. or more.

    Promising results in testing period

    Jens Erik Thordahl, CAMPEN’s Airlaid Specialist and Partner, states in connection with the new forming technology:

    We are very pleased that we can finally confirm the development and sale of this groundbreaking, new forming head system, which is pending for patent.”

    “We have undergone thorough and complex testing of the system here in Denmark, as well as with our customer, and the tests in question were very promising. The new fiber forming technology has proven to reduce energy consumption and requires less space than traditional forming heads. Moreover, it is easy to operate, and it comes with low operating and maintenance cost.”

    Airlaid machinery for production of sustainable airlaids

    New Pilot Test Facilities at CAMPEN Machinery

    CAMPEN is currently building new pilot test facilities at the headquarters in Hornslet, Denmark. Besides being able to demonstrate their new airlaid forming technology, CAMPEN also sees many advantages for their customers. Jens Erik Thordahl explains:

    “Having our own hosted testing facility means that we can become even better to advise our customers on improving their existing production and innovative products as they can see instant results. The new testing facility will also make it possible for customers to take home actual rolls of the new product for further testing. Moreover, we ensure highest confidentiality to our customers when testing new products.”

    The first part of the testing facility is already completed and consists of a hammer mill test unit. Later this year, the hammer mill and a winder will be connected to the new airlaid forming head system.


    CAMPEN’s customers have the opportunity to test the following processes with the new CAMPEN airlaid forming technology:
    • HBAL – Hydrogen Bonding AirLaid process = Fluff pulp + calender bonding (option + SAP)
    • TBAL – Thermal Bonding AirLaid process = Fluff pulp + bonding fibers (option + SAP)
    • SBAL/BBAL – Spray or Binder Bonding AirLaid process = Fluff pulp + binder dispersion
    • MBAL – Combination of Spray or Binder bonding in combination with Thermal Bonding AirLaid process = Fluff pulp + bonding fibers + binder dispersion (option + SAP)
    • HLAL – Hydro Laced AirLaid process = Combination of airlaid with spunlace technology

    Working width: 600 mm, line speed from 5 to 120 m/min.

    CAMPEN is currently building an airlaid test center with the CAMPEN hammer mill and forming head


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