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    Electrical airlaid ovens

    Additionally to our traditional gas burner ovens, we can now also supply electrical airlaid ovens to our customers.

    In the airlaid and nonwovens industries, there are very high process requirements for heating and constant temperature in the oven, in order to produce a completely uniform product. Previously, it has only been possible to do with gas burners as electric heaters were simply not accurate enough. We at CAMPEN have now changed the heating from gas burners to electrical heating, which has a very good and precise heat control and is an excellent alternative to the traditional ovens.

    This means that CAMPEN can now supply ovens with gas burners or electrical heating system depending on the requirement from our customer.

    Accurate gas burner-free heat control

    The new gas burner-free airlaid oven, which consists of a 200 kW heater per heating zone, has been developed to be able to control the temperature as accurately as a gas burner. The electrically heated convection oven can control the temperature as precisely as down to +/- 1 ° C and can maintain this very accurate and constant temperature for all the time the machine is in use.

    The electrically controlled oven contains sensors that measure the temperature inside the oven and automatically regulate the temperature. This automatic control eliminates the need for manual control and thus the likelihood of errors. In addition, the operator of the machine can spend time more efficiently on other tasks.

    Environmentally friendly oven sold to customer in Sweden

    One of CAMPEN’s new ovens has already been installed at an airlaid manufacturer in Sweden in connection with an associated spray system. The customer uses the oven and spray system for development and testing of new and sustainable products. In addition to the very uniform temperature distribution (+/- 1°C), the customer also points out the very even airflow distribution and the very compact design as great advantages for the new CAMPEN airlaid oven.

    Test the oven in CAMPEN’s own test facility

    In addition to the customer in Sweden, CAMPEN also uses the new electrically controlled oven at their own test facility in Denmark. Here, customers can test CAMPEN’s ovens with their own products.

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    Gas burner-free airlaid oven with very accurate and constant temperature regulation


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